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Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Take translation, for example. Some approach his kind of work with a somewhat relaxed attitude- after all, a few pages of text to translate can’t be that much of an effort, now can they? Piece of cake. No worries. 

The result? You grab the translated document- let’s assume that document is a contract of some importance- and present it to a foreign business partner of your company. Lo and behold, right in the middle of an important meeting your business partner looks at the contract, his eyes the size of dinner plates. No, it’s not the deal of the century he’s looking at. The translated text is botched beyond belief. It’s only out of courtesy that your business partner manages not to erupt in laughter.


Nowadays, translation takes much more than just simple craftsmanship. It has become a highly creative job, one that cannot be accomplished without a certain sagacity of the mind, a high degree of linguistic precision, as well as- and I say this without hesitation- a dash of artistry. A properly translated text has to do more than just convey information- it needs to be imbued with an appropriate style and appearance, and its professionalism and clarity have to be beyond reproach. It is for those reasons that you need distinguished translators, translators who stand above all others- for nothing else will suffice.

And if that is so, POLPAN Translations shall be happy to oblige.


POLPAN Translations deals with most European languages. Our offer includes both standard and sworn translations. We have no fear of LEGAL or TECHNICAL documents- indeed, we appreciate any linguistic challenge that allows us to widen our horizons. But for all this, we are never allowed to forget that time is money, and should the need arise, we are fully capable of completing our orders at an accelerated pace- even within a few hours- and yet sacrifice none of our trademark precision and quality of execution.


We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer- and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Our telephone number: (+48 22) 654 46 55, 850 07 12, 605 111 555. Fax: 654 46 55.
Our address: 00-845 Warszawa, ul.Łucka 18 lok.78, (VIII staircase, IX floor).