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Our mission, at a glance, is to provide you with an accomplished translation. An accomplished translation, however, amounts to much more than a more or less accurate translation of the given text into the designated target language- it requires the relevant text to be translated with a high degree of accuracy and a keen sense of style. The result is a document radiating with clarity, precision and, above all, professional appearance. POLPAN Translations makes every effort in order to allow the translated texts to retain not only their intended meaning, but also the spirit of the original, its style and character. It is for those reasons that the translations we produce may without hesitation be referred to as “accomplished”.

In the course of our work we strive to ensure that the documents we translate retain the character of the original insofar as their wording and terminology are concerned. Many of our translators have additional experience in such fields of expertise as law or finance. Because of that, the subject matter of the relevant texts is not completely unfamiliar to them, and in the course of their work they can apply the experience they have gained at international educational institutions or training programmes.


And, finally, there is the question of quality control. The key to our work can be summed up in one word: diligence. If any doubts arise in the course of the translation process, we strive to obtain a solution at any cost. We never allow any of our translators to cut any corners, we never entrust the job at hand to machines, nor do we allow ourselves to employ translators with no experience whatsoever. So, if you want to have be able to laugh out loud at your translations, then we’re afraid we’re not the ones you should speak to ;)



Our telephone number: (+48 22) 654 46 55, 850 07 12, 605 111 555. Fax: 654 46 55.
Our address: 00-845 Warszawa, ul.Łucka 18 lok.78, (VIII staircase, IX floor).